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The Cost of Ordination: Becoming Ordained Online

How much does marriage minister ordination cost? Here is our regularly-updated overview of several of the most popular Wedding Officiant ordination services offered online, showing their fees and minister license term lengths:




American Fellowship Church One Year $45
American Marriage Ministries Lifetime? $40
Christian Harvest Church Lifetime $78
Clear Vision Intuition New Age Ministry Lifetime $175
First Nation Ministry  Lifetime¹ $6 ¹
Open Ministry Lifetime Free²
United National Ministry Not Stated $89.99³
ULC Monastery  Lifetime? $39.994

There are numerous resources available for becoming ordained online, whether you want to perform one marriage ceremony or if you want to make a living as a Wedding Officiant.

Our advice: check out several sources for online ordination. Several offer free minister ordination, but charge you if you want documents which may be required. Some charge for ordination up front, which can save you money in the long run, while others charge a renewal fee. (Some states require you to be in good standing with the religious organization that ordained you; if you haven’t been in touch with them for several years, this can be a problem.)

A few states (including Massachusetts and California) offer a one-day “deputization” as a Marriage Officiant for one ceremony, while several churches (including First Nation) offer a low-cost single-ceremony minister’s license which permits you to perform one wedding for friends or family members. Check their website for states that allow this.)

In any event, do not skip the process of being ordained and licensed as a minister! Even if your state does not have a registration process for Officiants or Celebrants, all jurisdictions do require you to submit a copy of your credentials on their request, and you should always provide your couples with a copy of your ordination certificate for their records.


Click on church/religious organization name (above) to reach their website.

1 — No charge for ordination. However, a nominal fee is charged for personalized documents. Basic (single-ceremony) ordination package offered at $10.95; unlimited ordination offered at $28.95 for a renewable five-year term (averages $6 per year). Renewable at a discounted fee, including ongoing professional certification as Marriage Officiant.

2 — Fee charged for “hard copy” Wedding Officiant Credential Package; does not include Letter of Good Standing (required in several states; additional $15.99 fee). Upgradeable online credentials, 24/7 support, minister directory and state officiant laws also offered.

3 — Wedding Ministry Package; Basic ordination package available at $59.99. Requires adherence to Christian statement of faith.

4 — Does not include Letter of Good Standing (required in several states; additional fee).

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